How to Wash a Backpack – Beginners Guide

The backpack is one of the most usage elements in our daily life. Generally, students, kids, and travelers use a backpack for carrying books, gadgets, clothes, food, documents, camping equipment and other important accessories.It is quite impossible to keep the backpack fresh and new because of daily using. Daily wear and tear, Oil from your skin, salt from your sweat and unwanted dirt make your backpack smelly and dirty. So it is important to keep your backpack neat and clean. You can wash your backpack once or twice in a year. Mainly Washing backpack depends on the fabric and used materials of, you may wash backpack in the washing machine or you may need hand-wash. It’s an easy process. If you do not know how to wash a backpack, here is the step by step guide for keeping backpack fresh and smell free to make it long lasting. You can apply these following instructions to wash any type of backpack.

How to wash your backpack by hand

Step 1: First, you have to empty your backpack. Remove all items and decorative accessories, unzipped every pocket and main bag area, properly look inside every corner of your backpack there may be hidden small items. You may also use light hand vacuum cleaner or wet paper towel to clean dirt inside from the small pockets and the main area. If your backpack has some detachable or removable parts, take off them before wash. It is better to wash those removable parts, as these parts also get dirty for regular use. Besides, it is not good to keep dirty parts inside your clean backpack.

Step 2: Always follow the backpack care label. Here you will get some manufacturer’s instructions such as which chemicals you should use or not, the temperature of warm water and so on. Besides, most backpacks offer you a detailed instructional guide of cleaning and washing backpack. If there is not provided with any instructional guide or label, you should wash your packs as a general method or you may test a small area to see the reaction of detergent.

Step 3: You can use a sink or bathtub. Always avoid hot water, because it can damage the colour of your pack. If there is any instruction about water temperature in label care, follow that temperature for water. If there is not, try to use warm water. Fill the sink or bathtub or plastic tub with enough warm water to cover backpack and add detergent. You may also use mild soap.

Step 4: Scrub the problem areas with soft brush or toothbrush. Clean every corner inside and outside of the backpack. This step may take 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 5: After cleaning the backpack properly, drain the dirty water. Fill sink or bathtub with clean water and wash your backpack properly and make sure your backpack is detergent-free.

Step 6: Hang your backpack upside down. It is better to dry backpack in a natural way, rather than using air dryer. You can dry your backpack sunny outside but do not use direct sunlight. You may hang it in front of the fan. Before use, the backpack, make sure it is completely dry.

How to wash your backpack in washing- machine

Step 1: Before washing, you have to empty your backpack. Take off all the elements, accessories, metal frame and decorative parts. Unzipped small pockets and remove all detachable parts. You can use hand vacuum cleaner to clean the backpack from inside.

Step 2: Carefully Read the label care which you will find inside the backpack or the main storage area and Follow the recommended information. As you are using washing machine here you have no control to wash the dirty areas as like hand washing.

Step 3: Put your backpack inside an old pillowcase or laundry bag to save the attachment parts of the backpack. Use normal water and add 1-2 tablespoon detergent. Try to use mild or chemical free detergent.

Step 4: Set your machine for 20-30 minutes. Always keep your eye on the cycle. After finishing the cycle remove the backpack from a pillowcase. Hang the backpack using hanker. You can dry it in the normal way but do not dry in the direct sunlight.

Additional tips

  • Try to use environmentally friendly detergent. Injurious chemicals can harm your skin and color of your backpack.
  • Do not dry backpack direct in the sunlight; it may fade the color of your backpack
  • Excessive washing can harm your backpack
  • Do not dry your backpack in the washing machine because the dryer of the washing machine is too intense.

Final words: We mentioned two convenient methods of washing a backpack. If you follow the methods, it is not a difficult task anymore.Your few efforts can make your backpack clean, fresh and smell-free. Besides stylish and clean backpack also tell your personality to others.

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