How To Take Care Of A Pet Cat

Having a pet cat is a prettiest experience. To take care of a cat we need to do some work. you can divide this into two steps :

  1. Before bringing
  2. After bringing

How To Take Care Of A Pet Cat

Before bringing a cat you have to gather some essential things like a litter box, a scratching post, a sleeping basket, a small pot for providing food and some toys. If you have more than one pet cat you should provide the different litter box for every single cat. Scratching is a part of their natural process. Cats do it for sharpening their claws. So as an owner you don’t want your loving pet cat queer your sofa. Purchase a scratching post for making your cat comfortable.

After bringing these things must be followed:

* Give few time for adjusting to new environment.welcome him like a new baby. keep the new cat in a room for a week and supply all necessary things it needs. Once adjust let it go into another room of the house. If someone has another pet animal first time keep away from them. provide a variety of sleeping areas.

* We think the cat-like milk. It’s wrong.  Sometimes milk can create disease because many cats have lactose intolerance. Provide homemade food and lots of water so that protect from some fatal disease like kidney failure, stomach disease etc.

* Give bath every day. Before bath tram, it’s fur with the hairbrush. Keep them in the sink, message body with shampoo smoothly and wash the cat. wipe with a towel. The temperature of the water is like baby’s water.

* After 15 to 30 days trim nail. In the time of trim give massage to its paw for feeling better. Don’t in a hurry when trimming the nail. The nail is a sensitive place because nail has a connection with nerve.  –

*Clean the litter box daily and change when need. Give a monthly dosage for parasite control. Make a habit to use a toilet.

*Most of the time we mix our children with a kitten. It’s not a good idea. stay away from children from cat or kitten.

Adopting a cat may create a bonding of decade. Love and give proper care to pet cat who is the cutest family member.