What Are Some Best Safety Gear of Kayak 2019

Paddling in an ocean are not similar to pond or lake and you need to ensure the best security accessories along with you. Without a proper security gear, you may face different types of danger and sometimes this can cause a life-threatening danger as well. To avoid any kind of unwanted danger, experts always suggest some common safety gear of kayak. If you are ignorant about safety gears of the kayak, you should read the list below. Because I am going to discuss some must need safety equipment that will ensure your security during kayaking.

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Some Highly Recommended Safety Gear For Kayak 2019

  • First Aid Kit: Carrying a first aid kit is always necessary while going on a sea trip because even a simple first aid kit can help to save your life in emergency situations. First aid kit must be kept in a waterproof bag and in such a place where it can be found easily in case of emergency.
  • Whistle: Keep a whistle on your PFD, for emergency situations and blow it three times if you are in danger.Three quick blow is the international S.O.S. signal.The pea-less whistle is best as there are no pieces to break or get stuck.
  • Personal Floating Accessory: This one is a no-brainer.It’s always necessary to bring a coastguard certified personal floating device PFD with you.You must choose a PFD that fits properly and comfortably for you.Wear it all the time while paddling. Additionally, you may need a rotary fly tying vise as well.
  • Light: A waterproof light should be mounted on the front of your Kayak.It will help to alert surrounding boats about your location after sundown.
  • Compass and GPS: A Kayak compass and Kayak compatible GPS unit is essential for open water paddling trips.Water and weather conditions can change in a heartbeat and be able to quickly navigate your way back to store is imperative.
  • Paddle Leash: If you don’t have a leash and somehow lose your paddle in the mid-ocean, you will be stranded.So, it’ll be wise to carry a paddle leash. Facts You Should Know Before You Start Paddling Kayak & Canoe
  • Paddle Float: Paddle floats are necessary for Kayaking in choppy water.They’ll help you to rescue yourself and re-enter your Kayak after capsizing.
  • Stern/Bow floats: Stern and bow floats are not mere rescue aids.They are to be used if your Kayak doesn’t have bulkheads.They help keep water out of the hatch and helps to keep your Kayak afloat.
  • Knife: If you capsize and tangle in something, a knife will be of great help for you.Attach it to your PFD.Try to get a stainless steel model to avoid corrosion.
  • Pump: In the case of emergency, a pump can be helpful.A bilge pump will bail out a water-filled cockpit easily.
  • Mirror/Flares: Having a signal mirror is another necessity for sea-Kayaking.In danger moment, you can flash the mirror to alert other boats that you need rescuing.
  • Tow system: If you or someone on your team gets injured and too fatigued to paddle, a tow system will be of great use.Attach one end to your Kayak or to your waist and the other end to the person in distress and paddle to safety.
  • Helmet: If you will be paddling in the surf, wear a helmet.It will save you from hidden rocks under rushing water.

Final Words: If you have read the safety gear details already, you should carry above-mentioned safety equipment to enjoy a tension free paddling trip.These safety gears can save you from unwanted situations and ensure a great trip. Most of them are inexpensive and lightweight that ensure the best security for your life.