Raccoon Hunting 101: A Complete Guide to Coon Hunting

Raccoon Hunting 101: A Complete Guide to Coon Hunting

The raccoon is found in almost every places in the United States.The history of raccoon hunting is very long and there are numerous songs about coon hunting.To get success in raccoon hunting, you need dogs.It is impossible to hunt a coon without dogs because they can make the process much easier for you.In the recent years, the population of the raccoon has been increased a lot.So you can do raccoon hunting 365 days in a year.This is much similar to dove hunting.In this article, we are giving you the complete guide to coon hunting.

Why Raccoon Hunting?

The population of raccoon has been increased in the recent some years.To control the predator population,the hunters need to do raccoon hunting.Another reason to do this because it brings new hunters in this game.It’s kinda social affair.The hunters can hunt through the whole year.

Finding Place for Raccon hunting

This task is extremely crucial.You need to find the place where raccoon stay.Raccoons can be found in the urban areas.Raccoons nest in the hardwood trees.Identifying these trees are really hard.In this case, take help from your dogs.Farm fieldsĀ are the best area to go raccoon hunting.

Season to Hunt Raccoon

It’s impossible to hunt raccoon in the winter especially when it is full of heavy snow.In summer, try to identify the water sources.Raccoons will be near the sources.Try to follow the food sources in the fall season.But the best time is spring.Try to concentrate on nest sites.

Using dogs for coon hunt

Success in raccoon hunting is depended upon the quality of your dogs.Your dogs must need to obey you and they need to have the ability to identify, chase a coon for a longer period so that you can easily shoot and kill the raccoon.Some of the quality dog breeds for coon hunting are bluetick coonhound, redbone coonhound, and walker coonhound.


This is the initial level for raccoon hunting.Good tracking is easy when you choose a good location and when the weather is good.Hot tracks are easy for the dogs to follow.The dogs will bark if they can pick up the scent of the raccoons.


All hunting have some threats.So it’s needed to think about the safety of the hunter.Don’t go hunting if it’s quite hard to see your surroundings.Always keep light and GPS so that you will not lose your way.

Final Words: Try to use a good rimfire scope when going for raccoon hunting.You can consider a handgun.Keep raccoon hunting lights at night.