How to Prevent Ear infections in cats

Ear infections in cats is a serious issue.This doesn’t happen often, but when infection occurs it becomes complex.Cat ear infection can happen from allergies.Although it is not hard to treat ear infections, you may need to have X-rays to diagnosis.Some of the common treatments are corticosteroids, anti-parasitics, antibiotics, and antifungals.Bring the cat as soon as possible to the vet to treat ear infections.This article is all about How to Prevent Ear infections in cats.

Reasons for Ear Infections in Cats

Some of the reasons for ear infections in cats are the development of thick hair in the ear canal, allergies through food or pollen, imperfect ear cleaning, bad environment, development of wax in the ear canal and so forth.If the cat has diabetes, weak immune system or allergies, it has more chance of infections.

The cat will feel discomfort and will scratch at the ear or shaking the head pointing to the affected ear.The cat can lose hair as well.

If the cat has ear infection occurred from yeast, mites or bacteria, then antifungals, antiparasitics or antibiotics will be used.They will come in eardrop or ointment form.First of all, your vet will help to clean and dry the ear canal.

To prevent ear infection in cats, you have to check the ear daily.Healthy ears will be pale pink.You won’t see any debris or odor in the ear.You can regularly clean your cat’s ear at home, but before doing that, learn the cleaning method from the vet.If the vet doesn’t give permission, then never input any cleaning device into the ear.