How To Make A Safe Environment For Your Pet Bird?

Having a pet bird is enchanting to many people. In fact, birds are an intelligent creature and also a source of beauty. So it is a pleasure for beauty-loving people to welcome one of this into their home.

If you have any pet bird, you have to ensure a safe and good environment for it as it is your responsibility. It will promote its mental well being. Here are a few suggestions to help you create a safe environment for your pet bird.

Provide A Safe Cage: Beginning with the basics, use a cage at least large enough for your bird to completely extend and flap its wings. Choose a cage with appropriate bar spacing so that your bird can’t escape or fall any trouble getting struck on its feet or legs between the bars.

Keep Cage Neat And Clean: No one likes to live in a dirty place and birds are not different. As its owner, it is your responsibility to keep its cage neat and clean. You can use homemade cage cleaner for making a good environment.

Place Perches: All birds feel comfortable having perches. Because birds like to move here and there for their restlessness and perches help to do so. Thereupon, Keep at least 3-4 perches inside the cage. Make sure that the perches are appropriate in size and placed properly.

Keep Away From Cats And Dogs: In order to prevent any accident keep your cats and dogs away from your bird. It is common to think that your dogs and cats are habituated to seeing your bird in their cage on a daily basis, but they can attack the bird for their natural hunting instinct when seeing it flying loose.  So be careful.

Remove Fans: Though most freestanding and table fans are safe with a safety cover, ceiling fans can pose an obvious danger. Thereupon, don’t allow your bird to fly if you have any ceiling fan in the room. Otherwise, it will cause injury and death. The best solution would be keeping no fans in a room where birds move.

Mirror And Window: Don’t keep any mirror in the room where birds remain. If you allow flying your bird where a large mirror is kept, the bird may fall in an accident. Actually, the reason behind this prohibition is that your bird may fly straight into mirrors and windows without realizing they are there and that may turn into an accident.

Remove Wiring And Electrics: You wouldn’t like to have your bird in electrocution. so remove wiring and electrics from the room. Birds are normally inquisitive and stubborn. When they find any equipment or anything else they try to pierce it with their sharp beak. And it may lead to an accident or at least, damage to your equipment.

Avoid Incorrect Feeding: The foods which are healthy to human, those aren’t equally acceptable for birds. Choose the foods which are helpful for them. Food habit varies from species. So you had better discuss with an expert about the food habit of the certain bird. Keep your bird well fed and hydrated.

Cover The Bird Cage At Night: Birds need to sleep at least 8-10 hours per day. But if you keep late with the light on, your bird will not get the good environment to sleep. So use an old sheet to cover your birdcage which provides a dark and quiet area for your bird.

In a word, keeping a bird healthy, safe and happy is challenging and tough job. Before purchasing a bird everyone should keep this challenge in mind and must be prepared. These instructions would be helpful to make this task easy. But you are also recommended to meet a veterinarian if you face any serious problem. May you stay happy with your pet bird.