How To Take Care of A Dog

Many People are very passionate about the world about raising a pet. Pet may be animal yet they are like us, they have feelings like us as well. Some people may raise pet but they even don’t know pet also needs the same care that human does in every season. The season change can bring a great impact on the pet.Most people like to raise Dog as a pet. So Dogs need extra care in every season as they go outside all the time and play over the ground. Dogs also like swimming, outing, hiking and so on. So they also need care regarding summer, winter and rainy season because these seasons mostly bring different weather and with that the dogs have to need extra care. This post is all about How To Take Care of A Dog.

How To Take Care of A Dog – Seasonal Dog Care Tips and Tricks

Tips Regarding Summer

People like summer most because they can move freely in summer. This is the time when they go on their vacation. Those who have a pet also take them too for an outing. But people should keep in mind that Dogs cannot tolerate much temperature and like people, they also sweat and it is difficult to cool them off instantly. Sometimes for sunbathe it may occur heat stroking to the dog.

Whenever people go for an outing they take their Dog with them give them a long drive. This is for those who are doing that, If u take your dog with you for an outing bring water with for the dog and do not leave the dog inside of the car because a car normally keep the temperature at 78 degrees and when it is under the sun its temperature will be 160 degrees. So stop keeping your dog inside the hot car and take along with it whenever u get down from the car.

Some people use to swim with their dog and they think that their dog can swim well but this is not true. It may swim but it’s not good at that. So be around when your dog goes swimming.

People are not cautious regarding dog disease so you need to keep them away from all those things that lead to diseases like mosquito, ticks etc.

Dogs paws should cut down because whenever they go outside for playing in summer the metal stuff on the road remains too hot and the paws may burn.

Dogs should drink water as much as they can and they should stay inside of shade always. They can get sunburn like a human as well. You should take care of your Dog because sunburn of dog can lead to skin cancer. Like a human, it has to suffer as well if it gets sunburn. Their weight should measure in every week during summer.

Tips regarding winter

As you feel cold then your dog also feel cold. So winter season they need extra care than from another season. Don’t hang them out too long during winter give them a coat to cover their body from cold. Try to keep them warm clothes and keep a water jar for them so that they can drink water more and more. Take them for a shower with warm water on a regular basis but as little as possible. It will remove their extra skin oil and can get rid of them from the itchy skin as well.

If your dog has long hair in its body trim them and don’t ignore the hair in between of his toes. Do not try to shave their hair in winter and give them a sweater with high neck. In many countries, this is the regular winter costume of dogs. Put icy-chemical to dry its skin. Put Vaseline or petroleum jelly on his toes in winter before going outside it will keep them warm.

Try to keep his room warmth and humidified and eat them warm food. In winter freeze food for dogs is like poison so avoid freeze food. Remember if you feel cool then the same feelings will be your dogs as well and try to make them sleep most often in winter and do not let them go outside during winter.

Tips regarding rainy season

In the rainy season, there will be mud and dampen always outside. Dogs need extreme care during the rainy season because there will be a huge possibility to be sick in the rainy season. The dogs and rainy weather have a relationship. Every dog should stay indoor because in this time they will attack by the physical and psychological problem. If it’s raining hard you cannot take your dog outside for a walk and in that case what you can do is you can take them at stairs for ups and downs apart from the elevator and it will be a great movement.

Wet and damp weather around your place and it can lead your dog to become attacked by fungi and bacteria. Try to cut down the paws of the dogs as they will walk away from the road and it will be very tough to bathe dog during rainy it may be much messy. You should cover your dog with warm clothes as well. If they like to spend their time on balcony or roof or any open area a warm cloth should provide them. You have to take care of your dog’s foods and you need to add some extra fruits so that in the rainy season your dog can get extra energy and protein to move.

Dogs can come up with ear infection during the rainy season. Moisture and earwax cause infection. You should keep in mind that your dog ears should be dry whenever you go for walk or come back from a walk. One thing you can do that you can tie up your dog’s ears over the head.

Final words

Take care of your dogs in any season and you will have a  loyal friend forever. In every season there may have the possibility to be sick of the dogs. By maintaining above tips you can give your dogs a healthy and beautiful life.


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