How To Get Better Grip On Basketball Shoes

Adding good grip to basketball shoes is the most important thing.It is a must for the players on the surface of the court to play basketball smoothly. Such kind of grip helps to change the direction and quick turns during the game.  We all know that the floor of the basketball court remains usually slippery. When a player plays with basketball, they will slip on the floor or it can occur a sudden accident.

How To Get Better Grip On Basketball Shoes

If the bottoms of the shoes are covered with thin part or dust, it may cause of slip on the surface of the court. So it is necessary to clean the bottoms of the shoes. It can help the player to be safe and move easily on the court. Keep in mind that basketball shoes are used for indoor games but not for outdoor games. A dirty pair of basketball shoes can destroy your attention on the game. It can affect your performance due to its dirt and mud trapped.

Some necessary steps can be taken to get the better grip and to clean the basketball shoes are given below:-

Step 1:- Use a damp cloth for cleaning the bottom of the basketball shoes. Use the shoes only for indoor games. you can also use hairspray for this purpose. you can spray it to the bottom of the will help to the shoes stick better to the floor. The grip enhancers add a small amount of stickiness to the bottom of the basketball shoes.

Step 2:– Clean the basketball courts regularly to keep your shoes clean.

Step 3:– Take a plastic bucket. Then mix a solution of water and liquid dish soap. Now clean the rubber soles and shoe side with a brush and the solution. Thoroughly Scrub the rubber surfaces. Then Dry the shoes with a paper towel or any dried clothes.

Step 4:- You can attach the shoe color restorer. For that, you have to clean and dry the shoes frequently. Now apply the color thoroughly on the shoes. Try to apply general shoe color restorer for it.

Step 5:- Keep the shoes on a table or floor for drying. Keep in this position until the soles and sides of the shoes brighten are not noticeable. If necessary, you can apply more color restorer for the second time.

Step 6:-Test the grip and put the shoes on a hardwood or other smooth floor. It needs to apply more grip on the bottom of the shoes by scrubbing for the second time with the brush.

Make sure that the shoes are cleaned and ready for use on the basketball court. You will need this thing for adding grip at the bottom of your basketball shoes such as damp cloth, grip lotion, hairspray, wire brush, paper towel, and clean water.

Finally, to add grip on the basketball shoes for the safety of the players is important. It can also keep a basketball player free from any kind of sudden danger or accident.