Facts You Should Know Before You Start Paddling Kayak & Canoe

To enjoy a delightful summer vacation people always plan recreational activities like fishing. Both fishings in saltwater or freshwater are entertaining, but you need right fishing accessories to make your vacation overwhelming. Kayak and Canoe are most like similar and important fishing equipment that will make your fishing memorable and compelling.

There has a bit difference between kayak and canoe. For example, paddlers usually sit on a seat in a canoe whereas kayakers are usually seated on the bottom of the boat with their legs stretched out in front them. In any kind of activity, it is important to take proper safety precautions to ensure an enjoyable time and to avoid an accident or dangerous situations, especially for the beginners.

To start paddling, you should know everything properly because without knowing the proper technique of paddling a kayak or canoe will harm on your fishing and this could be life-threatening. I am listing some step below, to assist you learning kayak and canoe paddling.

How To Paddle a Canoe – Beginners Guide To Learn Canoeing

Selecting Right Production Material: You will get different material made kayak available in kayak store. Among them, woods, fiberglass, Rotomolded plastics are some common construction material for a kayak. Kayaks are specially designed for saltwater and freshwater.

The design of kayak has a difference in shape and Structure. For instance, sea kayaks typically made with longer bodies, whitewater kayaks are made of high impact plastic so they can bounce off rocks. Sit-on-top kayaks are the most commonly sold and the ideal for the beginners because they are stable, easy to get a ride and used for recreational paddling and fishing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChoose Right Paddle: Paddle makes a huge difference between kayak and canoe. because canoes use single bladed paddles while kayaks use two bladed paddles. When choosing paddles you have to consider on your stature, the size of the kayak and stroking preferences.

Wider and longer kayak requires longer paddles. When choosing paddles you have to consider on your stature, the size of the kayak and stroking preferences. Wider and longer kayak requires longer paddles, shorter or lighter paddle is suitable for small stature. You can choose the paddle according to your kayak, canoe, and stature.

Safety equipment: Safety gear is most important fact when you choosing kayak or canoe. For staying safe you have to take a floatation device like life vest or life jacket. There are variety kinds of life vests are available. The U.S. Coast guard type 3 personal flotation devices are often used for kayaking because of their light weight and this type of vest is very comfortable to wear and popular for recreational boating and fishing.

You must have to take helmet while kayaking on rocky waters. You can use spray skirts for staying dry. Before using a spray skirt you must have to know how to detach it quickly while underwater. If you cannot well-handled spray kits then it is recommended to avoid it. You can take dry bags to keep your personal belongings safe especially if you want to bring a camera with you while kayaking.

Kayak LearningBefore Start Paddling Learn About the Obstacles: This is most important to get full information about paddling kayak or canoe. As a beginner, you have to know where should paddle your kayak or canoe. You can gather the information from the internet. As a beginner, you can hire a guide or instructor for you.

Learn About Current Direction And Know How To Follow The Wind: You have to keep your eyes on the wind and current direction. Always paddle your kayak/canoe in safe currents and winds because currents can carry you away faster than you can paddle must be avoided the winds as well that have the same effect. If you cannot read the wind and current then you must take a guide or instructor to learn you about the sign of winds and currents.

Read More About Paddling: Learn how to paddling safely. Quickly paddle can become a nightmare if you face any obstacles. You should careful about slippery rocks, boulders, deep mud or trees growing near or in the water. In some location, you have to watch tree roots.

Kayak basicSome Security Reason You Have To Be Extra Careful: You have to be extra careful from getting stuck against the upstream side like any rocks, trees or larger craft etc. When the current gets out of your control these are the common causes of an accident. You have to keep away your kayak or canoe from the wires and dams and human created water control creations.

Because they have their own sources of challenges such as steep drops, eddies, unusual current created deliberate blockages etc. You can strike a serious problem if you get jammed under a low-level bridge in a swift running current. You should careful to sit upright and balance yourself. While paddling canoe does not stand up. Try to keep a low center of gravity to keep balance. For sea kayaking, you have to careful about white tipped waves because that is a sure sign not going for kayaking.

Final Words: I listed some security tips and must know a thing about kayak and canoe paddling. If you follow the steps, this will be beneficial for you to learn to paddle any kayak or canoe. This also ensures better security and safety as well.

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