How To Clean a Dog Cage or Crate – Beginners Guide To Clean a Puppy Cage

A clean dog cage always helps you keeping your dog healthy and entertaining as well. A pet owner always wants a pretty and charming pet for him. This increase the necessity of cleaning your dog cage or crate properly. If you can’t clean your dog cage every day, you should clean it once a week at least.

Dogs usually keep their crates neat and clean.But if you do not clean your dog’s crate for a long time, it will be dirty and stinky.This will make your dog ill-natured and unhealthy.Whether you are doing a routine cleaning or washing the crate in a week, you should follow some basic step of cleaning.

Steps To Clean a Puppy Cage

You will get different material made crates available in the market. Clean different material made dog cages are different as well. Aluminum, plastic, rubber and wood are some common dog cage production material. The clean process of this material made cage are different also.

In this post, I am going to discuss a basic method that will help you cleaning any material made dog cage. I will list some cleaning accessory below that will help you cleaning your dog cage effortlessly.

What Are Some Cleaning Material For Dog Cage Or Crate?

Remove Everything From Crate:  Remove toys, blankets, beds and other objects from the crate.If there is urine or feces, wipe down the toys.Set them aside.

Wash the dog’s bedding: Either it is a routine wash or washes after an accident, use the same process of cleaning.Use warm or cold water and a mild detergent to clean it properly.If there is any odor, you can use a box of baking soda to wash the crate.Use cold water.Clean the bedding nicely with mild detergent.

Stay Careful About The Process:
Washing a crate can be messy.So, it’s better to take the crate outside or to a closed,well-ventilated room.If you can go outside, it’s best.But, if you can’t go outside, then the room must be well ventilated so that the cage can dry without mildewing.Keep the dog in a separate room so that he can’t come near the crate while washing.clean dog cage

Choose a cleaning solution: Dogs can handle most types of bleach or cleaning solution.Once, the crate is dry and clean, they use it again.But, Ammonia smells like urine to dogs, so it can inspire them to urinate in their crate.So, it’s better to avoid ammonia.You can also make your cleaning solution using simple ingredients.In a bucket combine the ingredients and stir.There are few different solutions you can make at home.

  • Half a cup of bleach to a gallon of water.
  • One part dish detergent to ten parts water.
  •  Half a white vinegar to one gallon water.

After mixing your solution, put it in a spray bottle to make the cleaning process easier.

Remove debris: If your dog had an accident, you need to remove the solid clumps of feces before cleaning the rest of the crate.Place the feces in a plastic bag and through the bag away immediately.If your dog sheds, you may find large clumps of fur in the crate.You must clean the crate properly. You have to sweep, dusted or vacuumed the crate properly.

Final Words: To ensure sound health of your puppy, you must clean the dog cage on a regular basis. Cleaning the dog crate is time-worthy, but not hard. If you follow above listed basic steps, you will able to clean your dog cage easily. However, I listed all necessary steps in this post to assist you understanding basic cleaning method. If you have already read all the steps, implement them to clean your cage. This will ensure a clean and beautiful design dog cage or crate easily.