How To Clean You Bicycle – Beginners Guide To Wash A Bicycle

If you feel a repulsion to clean your bicycle every day and think it’s a donkey task for you! You should read this bicycle cleaning post carefully. Because I am going to discuss some easy steps that will help you cleaning your bicycle effortlessly.  If you are not cleaning your bicycle for week or month, basically this is the reason behind, your bike is performing slow on your ride. To ensure recreational outdoor, you must need a clean bicycle.

Clean Bike PictureCleaning is the most important part of your bicycle that helps to get smooth and accurate performance from it.Clean the bicycles not only increase the beauty but also increase its performance of your bike.Keeping the bicycle clean always helps you avoid costly repairs and damages. Everyone loves the clean bicycle but most of them don’t take care of their bike properly.Thus I decided to write a short list of instruction to help you cleaning your bike effortlessly.This needs only  10-15 minutes and make your bike more beautiful in look and increase it’s performance a few times more.

What Are Some Cleaning Material For Bicycle Cleaning

  • Towel Or Rag
  • Bio degreaser
  • Scrubbing Brush Or Toothbrush
  • A Screwdriver

Without wasting your time, let’s start discussing the cleaning process. Before you start cleaning your bicycle, arrange above-listed materials.

  •  To start your cleaning, you should start with the drivetrain.Because It mobilizes your bicycle.The drivetrain is made with four basic parts, a cassette, a rear derailleur, a chainring and a chain.
  • The drivetrain helps you moving your bike. Cleaning the dirt from drivetrain helps you increasing bike speed. If there have rust and dirt on it, this will decrease your bike speed and cause chain drop issue as well. Proper cleaning and maintenance of your drivetrain make your bicycle more active and long lasting.
  • Elevate the bicycle or turn it over, so that you can pedal without the bicycle moving.To clean it properly you will have to move the chain on the bicycle.If you don’t have a bike stand, flip the bicycle over on the seat and handlebars.Put a towel or rag under the bicycle to avoid scuffing the seat or handles.
  • Use a rag and bio degreaser or biodegradable solvent to scrub the chain.Bio degreaser or biodegradable solvent cuts through grime like soap but doesn’t ruin your chain.It is available at most bike stores.Pour a little bit on your rag and press it over the chain.Make sure that, the chain can still move freely between your fingers.Pedal the bicycle with your other hand, running the chain for 2-3 cycles.Press lightly with your fingers on the top, bottom and both sides of the chain through the rag 2-3 times more.Then, knock off any patches of grease or grime with your rag if they are still visible.Steps To Clean a Bicycle
  • Use an old scrubbing brush or toothbrush to clean between the gears.To keep the grime and dirt out of the cassette, you will have to floss the gears.Mix the biodegradable solvent with water.Dip your brush into this mixture and run it between each set of the gears.Hold the brush in place while you pedal with the other hand.You can use a screwdriver to knock off the dirt from difficult areas.
  • Wipe away outside dirt of the derailleur and chain rings.Use your rag, brush and a little degreaser to clean nooks and crannies.By keeping rag or brush in place and spinning the pedals clean the wheels too.If you want to make your bicycle sparkling cleaned, you should also clean the jockey wheels, the small cogs on the derailleur arm.The backside of the chain rings also should be cleaned properly.The bicycle frame, joint, and hinges near the bicycle chain also should be cleaned properly.
  • If your bicycle chain is extremely grimy, then purchase a chain cleaner.If there is too much dirt, you will have to buy a chain cleaning tool.Add degreaser to the box and press it over your chain.Then hold the tool in place while pedaling the cycle.This tool will help you to brush and scrub the chain.
  • Lube your bicycle chain immediately after cleaning it.Always keep a bottle of chain lube in store.It will help to lubricate the chain and protect it from dirt and moisture.Slowly, turn the pedal after cleaning and drying everything.Apply a single drop of lube to every 2-4 links, where one link meets another.Then shift through your gears and apply another 10-12 drop to coat everything.Use your rag to wipe up the excess lube from the chain.Extra lube can hold dirt and grime.Check the chain with your fingers, if it is dry then apply some more lube.

If you want to clean the rest part of your bicycle, wait and do this at the very end.The following process will make your work easier.Home Cleaning of bike

  • Rest the bicycle on a stand, on a rack, against a tree or upside down.If you have turned it upside down, you should lay a mat or old sheet down on the ground to protect seat and bars from dirt and scuff marks.Then spray down the bicycle with a low-pressure hose.If you use a high-pressure hose, this can force water into your components causing internal problems.
  • Fill up the bucket with warm water.If you want, you can add a bike specific cleaner, but avoid ordinary dish soaps as they contain salt, which can destroy parts of the bicycle, including the frame.Then, remove your wheels.You need to clean as much possible with your sponge inside of your frame.The wheels make it difficult to clean the parts of the bicycle closest to the ground and tire, which are the dirtiest areas.
  • Ise the soft side of a sponge to clean the frame.Scrub up and down the entire frame, with a sponge and warm water.Never Use a rough or abrasive brush on your frame, even if it is extremely difficult dirt.This can damage the paint of your bicycle and make it prone to rusting.If there is difficult dirt, apply a small drop of degreaser with some water and let it soak for some time.Then, scrub it in a circular motion, until the dirt is removed.If you have caliper breaks, use the rough side of the sponge to remove the dirt and if you have disc brakes, use soft side of the sponge to clean it.
  • Wipe down the rims of your wheels.The tires which become dirty very soon, do not need to be cleaned.Ise the abrasive side of your sponge to clean off the edges and lightly wipe down each spoke so that your bicycle may look clean and sparkling.
  • Use a toothbrush to scrub the hub -the small cylinder in the center of the wheel and the nuts and bolts on another side of it.If you want to clean your tires, use a big, heavy bristled brush to clean them quickly and easily.
  • Use a clean rag to get deep into your rear cassette.Drip some soapy water into the cassette, then floss between each of the gears and remove difficult dirt built up deep in the cassette.Then lightly pat everything dry and let the bicycle sit in the sun and open air.

Final Words: Cleaning your bike will be fun if you follow above-listed steps. Most of the people don’t know the basic of cleaning. Thus they make mistake and sometimes this cause serious damage to bicycle parts. You should be more careful when you are cleaning your bike. This will help you not to break any parts of your bike and increase its performance a few times more.