How To Clean an Air Conditioner?

Have you any air conditioner? Are you in hazard with extra electricity charge or don’t get efficient service from it? If it so, this article is for you. Here you will find out the reasons and exact way to make your air conditioner able to provide the best service.

Undoubtedly, the air conditioner is an essential household device. If you want to get the best service from it, you have to be careful of its maintenance. It needs to be serviced. As you know, an air conditioner is a costly device and its maintenance and repair are also not cheap.

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You need to spend huge money to have it repaired. But what if you do it in your house? Save your money and keep your house cooler by doing it yourself. Here is a simple and step by step guide for you to maintain your air conditioning device for best service.

How To Clean an Air Conditioner

Before starting the job, at first, ensure your security. Make sure that the power is off. For extra safety, shut down the breaker of A/C system in your electric panel. Mind it.

The filter‘ is the most important component of A/C. So you have to be careful of its protection. Wash it at least once per month. To do so, initially, remove the plastic filter holder or slide it out of the wall. Use boiling water or dish-washing detergent to clean it. Be careful to let it dry before reinstalling. Moreover, if you have excessive use of A/C, clean it regularly. But you must change it when it gets fractured.

The condenser coil is also an essential as well as the vulnerable device. So keep it fresh and clean. A dirty coil may provide you less service with excessive electricity charge. So, emphasize on cleaning it at least once in a season.

Follow this proper direction to clean condenser coil.

You need bare the coil. At first, remove the mounting frame and case while working on window units. You will find the case screws on the bottom edge. Keep these screws as you have to use these again for the same purpose.

After stripping up the coil, you need two cans of A/C coil cleaner. Now, vacuum all visible buildup from both coils and spray both coils with cleaner. Then, use the foams to clean the fan blades with household cleaner and a rag. Squeeze the oiling ports of the fan motor in a few drops.

While cleaning the coil, keep an eye on cooling fins. It shouldn’t be allowed to be curved. But if it is curved, don’t worry. It has also a solution. Just strengthen the bent cooling fins with a comb and then you will find it ok. Now, you have almost done your task.

Your air conditioner may have an insect and water tray. It hinders wastes and insects to enter your room. It is no good keeping it unclean. So, clean it when you find it filled with water and remain safe from dirt.

Your task is finished. Hope you have got it. Obviously, it will help you to prolong your machine lifespan. Now enjoy your time and never forget to follow this instruction when necessary.