How To Choose A Wheelbarrow – Buying Guide With Features & Purpose of Use

A wheelbarrow is a carrier. It is mostly known as a device for carrying small loads for household chores, construction, and even industrial works. The birthplace of the modern wheelbarrow is China. Probably it was delivered in Europe through The Arabs. Now it is found in everywhere around the world and is used in a wide range.

Some Common Features of Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows carry more goods from one place to another using less force than a person could carry them. To do the same job, you would have to make several trips to carry the item by hands. So this device is praiseworthy as it saves times.

Moreover, the loads could be lifted and carried close to the ground.  And a wheelbarrow carrying a basket of goods could be unloaded easily. So it cuts half labor cost comparing with other vehicles.

Carrying entire heavy and bulky loads is almost impossible for an operator. But as its design helps to distribute the load between the wheel and the operator, the total task seems easier.

Raw Materials: A wheelbarrow is a small hand-propelled vehicle. Its structure is also simple and usually with just one wheel, though the modern wheelbarrows can have one, two or three wheels. Its career or tray is made of steel, wood or plastic.

A steel brace is used to attach the tray to steel support legs and wheel. According to use, the wheel may be steel or plastic with a rubber tire around it. Some handles are made of metals with hard plastic grips. But those which are used in household activities usually have solid wooden handles with no grips. So a single person can easily push or guide it using two handles.

The 3 simple machines of which a wheelbarrow consists are:

  •  Levers
  • Wheel and axle
  • Tray and handles.


Price: Because wheelbarrows exist in a variety of forms and made of many different materials, so their cost is not same. It depends on manufacturing procedures. You may get a standard one spending $100-$150.

Some common uses of Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are considered simple, unmotorized, yet effective ways for one person to carry a heavy load. You can generally use them for various purposes. But they are usually used in:

Construction: It is often used in construction works. Normally, the workers use trucks and heavy vehicle to carry concrete or other metals but if it is a small repair work or residential work, they use wheelbarrow instead of using giant trucks. They usually use it to transport a few construction materials. Besides, it is also used for disposal of construction wastes.

Gardening: Gardeners use it for various purposes. Wheelbarrows are useful for a wedding. Actually the main advantage of using it in gardening as it is moveable through the rows of a garden. So you can easily load it with weeds and dump in another location. If you need a container to carry the plants in your garden, a wheelbarrow will support you best.

Landscaping: Like construction works, the wheelbarrow is also used by the landscapers in the transportation of various materials. In the residential area, you can use it to transport smaller trees and shrubs for planting.

After all, the wheelbarrow has made our regular tasks easy and comfortable. Through using it where needs, you may get satisfaction for its usage and versatility.