How To Choose Best Quality Car Lift?

A best quality car lift is definitely important equipment for vehicle repair and maintenance works. To many people, repair works seem to be very rigid. Whether you work in your own garage or in a commercial shop, Car lifts can be one of the most important investments you can make for your job.

There are different types of lifts designed for a specific type of vehicle or job. Before choosing which type of car hoist is best for you, take the time to learn about it. But if you don’t have any access to a specialist and need to come up a way to differentiate between the different types of hoists available, don’t worry. Here you will find the full prescription to buy a car lift without any harassment.

Best Quality Car Lift

At first, let us inform you why to buy a car lift. Whether for a personal or commercial garage, using a car lift will help you in many ways:

  1. A car lift can provide easy access to the underside of your car.
  2. Through using it, you can lift your car to the desired working height.
  3. It will support your car safely while you work on it.
  4. It can lift vehicles out of the way of storage.

If you have made up your mind to buy a new one among the variety of stock, you need to consider a few things first. Auto lifts come in numerous sizes, configurations and a range of prices. You have to know your need before going onward. So, emphasize these points:


At first, be sure why do you intend to buy a car lift. Do you want to use it for storage purposes or to repair your vehicle? Actually, all types don’t serve the same job. For instance, four-post lifts are best for storage while scissors and portable lifts are great for mechanic enthusiasts.  So, which type you should buy depends on your determination.

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Your new car lift isn’t only for current use. It is also for servicing any vehicle you may own in the foreseeable future. So think pros and cons and then have a decision. Choose a lift with a standard capacity, so that you need not fall into trouble to capacitate it for the desired use.


Enumerate budget that you are able to expense for a hoist. Light duty hoists are the most cost-effective but have a fixed capacity.  On the contrary, heavy duty hoists are essential for proper servicing of heavy cars though quite expensive. Similarly, Four-post hoists have versatility with expensive price. To determine what type of car lift you need first and then start looking at prices to determine what you can afford. Be cautious of buying cheap lifts which may need more cost for frequent repair.


Installing a hoist takes up a considerable amount more floor place than just a vehicle does. All types of hoists don’t deserve the same space. For example, four-post lifts need vertical spaces but some space saving designs like portable lift can be moved easily. So find a lift design that fits without cramping your space. In order to properly match a lift to your application, you must consider floor place as well as ceiling height. You had better contact a repair equipment professional to ensure your floor whether it can support a lift installation.

Now it is time to choose the best model according to your consideration. There are multiple styles of vehicle hoists available on the market today. Sometimes it might be confusing to choose the best one as there are a different weight, capacities, and multiple lift configurations.

Here are features of different types of car lifts including their advantages and disadvantages to ease your job.

Two-Post Lifts:

Two post lifts are common and well-known for their two strong posts and support arms. You will find different types of two post lifts available with a little bit structural variety. All types are versatile enough to accommodate long and short wheelbase cars up to their operating capacity. The notable advantage of these is, they are least expensive and can be easily installed.

Four-post lifts:

They are used for most heavy vehicle lifting. They are very user-friendly as these lifts don’t require floor anchors. You can use them as home garage hoists for multilevel vehicle storage solution. There is an extra facility using them as four-post lifts only require 115-volt power supply while two post lifts require 220-volt.

Scissors Car Lifts:

Scissor lifts are commonly used as a mid-lift style hoist.  You can use it where great heights are not required. They have a variety of types. Low rise scissor lifts are known for raising up to 36 inches up to ground, mid-rise lifts can raise between 36 and 48 inches and full rise scissor lifts can go anywhere above that.

Portable Car lifts:

You can use a portable lift if you are in shortage of space. Actually, most of the brands offer with their two posts, four posts and scissor lifts with the option of a portable version. But those might have the lack of capacity, so you should be careful before buying.In-ground car lifts:

In-Ground Car Lifts:

These types of lifts could be a norm for large shops and rental businesses where space is not available. You can hide your vehicle under the floor of the shop when it is of no use. But an in-ground lift will add expenses in comparison of a two post hoist. Moreover, in few extents, they are harmful to the environment and susceptible to oil leaks.

Parking Lifts:

These lifts are used for parking. Their features don’t support to use them on work just as well as another type of lift.

Mobile Lifts:

These types are designed for heavy equipment and can be moved inside your garage or to different locations. A mobile lift can lift up to 150,000 pounds. In spite of being quite expensive, they are not good for tire, wheel, or brake work.

Though you know the types of car lifts, buying the right car lift for home or professional use might have seemed a challenging task. To purchase the best one you must follow the steps below:

Do your homework:

Meanwhile, you have got the instructions to prepare your mind, know your need and have the right decision before purchasing a new one. Follow those instructions firmly.

Choose your lift type:

We have described at least seven different types of lifts for your kind consideration. Hopefully, you will be helped much. Now choose the best one which suits you most. You may have a Google search for latest information and models.

Choose your dealer & have a perfect one:

Now it’s time to find out who you want to buy it from. Contact with dealer or manufacturer. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for the price and never forget to check the warranty. Always check to make sure that shipping and installation are included in the final quoted price for your new car lift.

Purchasing a car lift is not a small matter. But if you are following this guide, you’re already on the way towards having the best car lift. So go forth and lift.