Best Mountain Bikes Review

Does riding on forest areas, deserts, rocky trails, rough terrains seem enthusiastic to you?

Then a mountain bike is the perfect solution for you. Mountain bikes are specially designed to ride on off roads because these bikes have added features to be comfortable, safe and durable at the same time on rough tracks which the regular bicycles lack. 

             Who is this bike designed for? 

  • If you are an adventurous rider, then a mountain bike is a must for you.
  • If you ride a bicycle for recreation purposes, then mountain bikes will do great for you.
  • A mountain bike is a great option for commuting if you want comfort while riding on rough tracks. 
  • It is fun to ride a mountain bike for its great suspension.
  • If you are looking for a durable solution for bicycle riding. 
  • You can ride on a mountain bike in any weather condition without worrying about your bike or the slipperiness of the road.  
  • Are you exhausted of riding a heavy bike? If yes, then you should definitely opt for a mountain bike.


  • Unlike road bikes, mountain bikes are better in handling potholes and bumps in narrow roads. 
  • Due to the narrowness of its tires, it provides better control and grip than regular road bikes.
  • A mountain bike is made of high-tech light materials such as aluminum M4, which offers the rider a great comfort and less fatigue in long journeys. 
  • Excellent suspensions of a mountain bike absorb the shocks and vibrations and put less stress on your joints. 
  • A mountain bike is a must for upward climbing as it provides a better acceleration than road bikes. 
  • You get safety, comfort, speed, and elegance in a single package using a mountain bike. 


As we all know nothing is totally perfect. Even riding the mountain bikes have some drawbacks too.


  • The flat handlebars of a mountain bike put it in the shaky side of aerodynamics especially when riding into headwinds. 
  • More suspensions of a mountain bike make it difficult to convert the energy of the pedal strokes into forwarding momentum. 
  • More moving parts make the mountain bike more complex. 


Specifications of Diamond backline:

  • The materials of the frame come in different irons. They are Steel, Carbon, Aluminum, and Alloy
  • The sizes of the wheel in which it is  available are 20”,24”,26” and 29”
  • Weight: <15lbs/ 15-20lbs/ 20-25lbs/ 25-30lbs
  • It has two kinds of break types available. They are cantilever and disc
  •  The suspension type is full suspension or only front suspension.
  • Gears are available in 1-3 chainrings in the front and 9-11 cogs in the back

The main features in details that make Diamond backline’s bikes best:


The mountain bikes from Diamond backline generally offer increasingly firm hold and footing on different surfaces, including rocky and bumpy roads, dirt and sand because it is specially made for rough tracks. So, to ride smoothly on off roads it definitely has a better quality wheel set. The bikes from this line have double wheels each about 27.5 inches. This makes the bike overall not only strong yet agile. The wheels of this bike are resistible even on the toughest territories without weakening the quality of the wheels. They are very long-lasting in nature so you would not be need of any substitution.

It is braced by 14g stainless and diamond back sl-7 twofold divider edges and this features of the wheels lets you cover more distance with less time compared to road bikes.  


The beginner level mountain bikes have frames made of casings steel, because of the quality and strength the material offers and the (moderately) low cost of steel. Weaknesses of steel are its weight and that it very well may be susceptible to rusting. 

So, to avoid rusting and making your ride more comfortable the Diamond back line is making the frames of the cycles using 6061- T6 aluminum alloy. The bikes from this range attribute a low thrown edge which bestows hugely towards its usefulness.

The low thrown nature brings down the focal point of gravity because of the situating edge and weight. With this you can make sure of a steady ride all through. You will likewise encounter less stumbling when riding in mountain districts and rough territories. Other than that the aluminum combination adds magnificence to the bicycle making it look very attractive in the eyes of customers.

Successful slowing mechanism (brakes)

Off-road bicycles needs successful and smooth stopping mechanisms because of the idea of the riding trail. Rocks knocks and other sudden hindrances may come your route bringing about startling braking. You may wind up harming your bicycle without a productive framework,. This is the reason incredible brakes are must.


The diamondback line off-road bicycles highlights Tektro water powered disc brakes which perform well and prepared to give moment halting.  Remember that the security of your ride depends entirely on the presentation of these brakes. In any case, with the water powered circle brakes, a moment smooth stop is ensured.

Position of riding

The way a trail blazing bicycle of Diamondback line is structured it licenses riders to sit in a spot that gives the best control of the bike, with a well-situated focal point of gravity and the ability to push weight ahead or b Simple to work gearshift 

Simple to work gearshift

You could claim a bike with wide gear decision. Anyway you won’t appreciate much if the moving framework is rubbish. Actually, it won’t be any unique in relation to single rigging bicycles. They should be capable useful for making changes when riding both on precipitous and paved roads. This won’t just assist you with getting an exciting riding process yet in addition facilitate the entire procedure. 

 Diamondback accompanies SCRAM 1×9 speed drivetrain with very and quick shifters. Riding the Diamondback line won’t give you the experience soak territories, similarly as with the adjustment in riggings, the riding velocities gets kept up.


Essential Mountain bikes come equipped with stage pedals. This is helpful if you’re the kind of rider who a huge piece of the time puts your feet down. Other further made riders may need to utilize toe cuts or even cut less pedals that engage the rider to tie down their cleated shoes to the pedals, yet individuals have various degrees of solace concerning being completely connected with a Mountain bike given the courses of action of area experienced and the determined need to drop ones feet to the ground.

Buying guide

Before you purchase an off-road bicycle make sure you will do a lot of going romping. In the event that you are simply going to ride around the local area or on cleared or hard-pressed smooth, level trails, there are better selections of bicycles that will be progressively agreeable and serve you better, for example, mixtures or cruisers. 

Likewise, be careful with shabby, substantial off-road bicycles sold by mass-retailers. Despite the fact that they may offer marvelous looking front and back paralyze set-ups, all things considered, these add a huge amount of weight to the edge and being created utilizing ratty parts, won’t prop up long under extreme riding conditions

Questions and answers:

  1.     How does it help in climbing?

Answer: These mountain bikes handle climbing truly well. The fork suspension is simply above least expensive where the lockout capacity appears to work quite well. It is the perfect bike if you want to climb hills and mountainous places. If you want to have some thrilling bike riding experience on hill tracks, then this is the exact choice available for you.

  1.     Can you use it on normal roads like usual bikes?

Answer: Yes, you can use mountain bikes on paved roads too. There is no issue in using a mountain bike on normal roads instead it’s more useful in avoiding the dirt and debris of the road because of its suspension.

  1. Will you be able to do bounces by riding these bikes?

Answer: Of course you will be able to do bounces with diamondback line mountain bikes, as it made up of aluminum so you can do jumps without causing much stress to the bike. 

  1. Can a rider who is above 6 feet ride this bike?

Answer: According to the size guide given by Diamondback, a rider above 6 feet will be able to ride this bike, without any hassle.

  1. How much lbs. this bicycle weighs?

Answer: The weight of the bikes of Diamondback varies upon frames to frames, but this hard tail 27.5 weighs approximately 30 lbs.


If you are wondering about buying a mountain bike to climb tracks then going through our review guide is obligatory to you like a ritual at your wedding. The company Diamondback line is extremely famous for providing the best qualities of mountain bikes. Though this bike has some cons but the benefits that you will get by using it definitely overcomes it. So are you an adventurous lover and you want to have a thrilling experience while maintaining your own safety and comfort? Then having a Diamondback line in your possession is a must for you.