Best Adult Skateboards

The most commonly drew picture of a scatter is a stylish messy guy around 20-aged playing various tricks with his skateboards and full of recalcitrant energy in him. Why can’t we think anything unusual than this? It is not restricted for the middle-aged person to play skating. In fact, nowadays a new type of skateboarders who are underrated has been hitting the roads and pavement of the nation and they are the 40-aged skaters.


Age should not be a hindrance in the way of your dream, they have proved it. Maybe they do fewer tricks and skate slowly and compared to millennial they do it less aggressively, but their passion for this and the noise of polyurethane on the cemented floor is as same as the skaters of half age than them.


So, I hope it is convenient to you that age is really not the inhibiting factor while you are eager to learn to skateboard at 40.


Things to Consider


As there is no obvious age limit to learn skateboarding at 40, it all depends on how healthy still you are at this stage. In the following, I have picked the points that you should consider while getting into skating at this age-


  • You do not need to be an expert athletic, but it is quite obvious that you will fall over a little bit on the hard ground at the first stage of learning. However, it never stops you if you are so enthusiastic about getting better.
  • Ask yourself if your physical shape is reasonable enough for this sort of sport as at learning you may get injuries to your ankles, joints, hips, knees and elbows. These positions may get the strike and damaged at times.
  • If you are really interested in progress on a skateboard, you must have to spend sufficient time on practising it as if you miss even one session in a week your tricks may slip away. Do you have that time really?
  • Be true to yourself and think once again that you really can handle skateboarding. It is wise not to push yourself beyond your limits.
  • Because you are here to learn skateboard at your middle age, you need additional precaution and would have to buy good quality equipment like skateboarding shoes, good skateboard. Even if you cannot afford, don’t cut corners.


Choosing Skating Style, Skateboard & Others


The only thing that holds you back from learning skateboarding at 40 is your actual physical ability. And once you are confirmed and confident about your ability then there is really no age restriction for this. Many old man skaters choose longboarding, which is actually skateboarding with a very wide and large board. They can do sidewalk surfing with this which is the most relaxing style of skateboarding. On the contrary, if they are enough to fit to do much more, and then they can go for skateboarding style.


There are various categories of skateboards available in the market and they vary in their sizes, shapes, colours, and weight. Choosing skateboards depends on one’s age and shoe size. You will see child skateboards, adult skateboards, and old man skateboards out there. Being a man of aged 40; it is not wise to go with adult skateboards or children as they are not appropriate for your size as well as the frame. The old man skateboards should be wider, so they can easily have a control on it and prevent sudden fall onto the cemented floor.


With growing older, your body loses healing power. But it is certain that you will get hurt while skateboarding. So, always wear pads to protect your wrists and elbows and helmet.


Tips To Learn Skateboarding for 40


Now that you are all set for learning skateboarding at your middle age, you have to follow few steps of technique to be expert in it. You can choose any city-approved skate spot, local high school park, and public park, any concrete areas with handrails, stairs and ramps for your skating practice.


In here, I have picked up the tips to learn skateboarding at 40.


  • At the very first you have to choose your suitable foot to step on the skateboard whether it is left or right.
  • With making yourself comfortable with your standing position on the board lean towards for starting.
  • For moving forward push with your stepped foot on board keeping another on the ground.
  • While you gain total control over your riding then start practising your stance with taking the grip on your board.
  • At this stage, you will gradually realize if you are goofy-footed or regular, comfortable with right foot forward or left foot forward.
  • After this stage is accomplished, start to bounce in a little range and try to feel how your skateboard moves and bends.
  • Now it’s time for achieving the tricks of keeping balance by getting on and off the skateboard.
  • Falling is obvious and it best to stay loose and try to roll out with your every fall to avoid big damage.
  • You can take the help of Skate Trainers which are peachy tiny wheel-stoppers that supports your board to be in place and you can try tricks, practice your moves in slow motion without the fear of losing control of the board.
  • When you are adjusted to stand on, push off, turn and few basic tricks with your skateboard, it is time to scope out to find some intermediate to advanced level skaters for learning the next level of skateboarding.


Your kids and wife will be now amused to see you skateboarding at your 40. This will be another amazing experience for you to strengthen the bond between you and your child. Why let your age come between the thrill and excitement of your life? It is nothing to do with how old you are. If you are fit enough to bear and handle all the falls and injuries then welcome you to the world of skaters. Let’s live the fun forgetting the age barriers.

There is no restriction and if you are sufficiently fit you can learn to skateboard at 40. Keeping into consideration your physical ability, you have to take the decision of choosing the right kind of skateboard styles. Always make sure that you wear the helmet and pads to prevent injuries in your joints and ankles or knees. If you have the deepest willpower, age cannot be a hindrance in the way to experience this fun. You have to choose wisely between old man skateboards and adult skateboards. If you are not going to apply a lot of tricks then you should select skateboards that are meant for middle-aged. Try your basic learning practices on the smooth cemented floor with sufficient time regularly.